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Where and when does the true story of
Federico Cozzucoli begin?
In his native city of Messina, completely destroyed by the 1908 earthquake?
In his "family novel", which presents grotesque stories of blackmailing and extortion?
In his "sexual mystery", made up of perversions and incestuous impulses?
Or in a misunderstood and improbable Nietzschean-Wagnerian Weltanschaung?
Through an investigative odyssey that unfolds between Vienna and Munich, Paris and Berlin, London and Jerusalem, to analyse the meaning of his work, forgotten archives were explored, memories of antique gallerists from the Weimer era, and compared to some of the most brilliant critics of our time, from Achille Bonito Oliva to Philipe Daverio, from Giancarlo Politi to Massimiliano Tonelli, up to the controversial Vittorio Sgarbi.
The result is a conflicting existence that from the postwar period till nowadays is at the center of disputes between art historians, aesthetics scholars and psychologists of form, animated by the desire to fathom the personality of the artist who has become the symbol of the 21st century art.
Adolf Hitler